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Full Version: Recently upgraded to 1.8 and the Adminlogs won't clear
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I recently upgraded to 1.8 and just received an error today that I'm not allowed to delete my own admin logs from my own site if they're less than 24 hours old.  I can appreciate the thought behind this (hackers coming in, changing things, clearing evidence, etc)  but I need this feature turned back off ASAP.  Or at least changed so I, as a super admin, can clear any and all logs even if they were just created.  This causes a huge problem for me if certain logs aren't able to be cleared the same day because there are certain things my other admins don't need to see in the logs.

How do I turn this feature off completely, or at least change it so the original Super Admin (uid=1) can delete all logs once again?
Why don't you just disable your other admins seeing the admin logs?
Unfortunately that's not the solution. I want them seeing the logs, in general. I just need to be able to instantly delete certain changes I sometimes make on the forum, just as I was always able to do before the upgrade with no issues.
I don't quite see why you would need this feature - what exactly don't you want admins to see? The whole idea of this feature is to prevent malicious changes that can then be removed from the logs. Admins have almost universal powers on your site, they should be someone you trust deeply.
I implemented this myself. If you really need to clear the logs you can truncate the database table mybb_adminlogs, though I'm not sure what exactly you're trying to hide from your other admins.
We are an RP based fed and we have some characters who get created by some staff members or myself secretly that no other staff (other than myself) are supposed to know about.  With these characters specifically, I myself often go in and make edits to their accounts through the Admin panel to save time.  If one of my other admins sees that I "edited users 4, 5, 88, etc..."  that tells those admins that those accounts/characters are "in house" creations.

My admins are trusted with security measures, but I'm going to be honest... they have loose lips when it comes to which characters are "handled" by which people or by other staff.  A couple years back we had a big blowup due to this info being blabbed about, and while it may seem trivial to most, to us (the RPing community and myself) it's a HUGE deal if these characters are spoiled like that.

Our love for RPing, competing, keeping each other guessing, etc...  is all why we're on the forum I created.  "Spoilers" are a big deal to us, and even if an admin innocently stumbles into the logs for legit reasons and then sees which characters get edited on the back end, it's a big disappointment to us as spoilers like that kind of ruin our game.  For example of my admin "Mike" accidentally sees that I made an edit to the "Super Goat" character, now Mike knows that account falls under that criteria most likely.  Even if Mike is upset that he knows this at that point, he has no way to "unsee" that spoiler.

I'll try truncating the database and see if that does it, but what would be better is if I could specifically choose to remove the logs related to user-editing only.  Clearing the entire log is still a better solution than having it all visible for 24 hours, but is there a way to only clear out the user edits?