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Full Version: ACP Problem
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I for some reason can't access the theme area it keeps throwing me back to the login screen & when I click login it just stays there. It's doing the same with every other option in the ACP.
Have you installed mybb on one domain then changed to another domain without reinstalling
Nope it's a new install I was finally able to upload themes now but now when I try to do something else it takes me back to the login screen not allowing me to sign back in.
Hmm try another install
I tried that before and it gave me the same issue but I'll try again.

I just tried again and it's doing the same thing as it did before.

I'd like to get this issue fixed because I miss my forum and I'd like it back.
What hosting you using with link please

I've also tried with hosting
I am to
I had that problem to
We need a staff member
So your using x10hosting?
Yes let's just pm ok
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