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Full Version: Mybb for WORDPRESS 4.3.1.
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Hello people, I would like to ask a simple question for which I request to get a simple answer.

The question is as follows:

Is it possible to install the newest version of Mybb forums on a wordpress website?

I think the answer is no. Personally, I find it very strange, since there are millions of websites, and seemingly no one bothered to make this possible years after the only working version of Mybb forums for wordpress (it was version 1.6.X) has become obsolete.

Since then I have been looking for working forum software for Wordpress of the likes of Mybb, since I like the layout and technical side of it very much.

Currently I have Wordpress version 4.3.1. on which I tried to install Mybb version 1.8.x, but it doesnt work. It simply refuses to install. Installing while using FileZilla also DOES-NOT-WORK, regardless of claims of the opposite on youtube and elsewhere.

So any help would be very appreciated.

Thank you all by advance!
Apache web server
PHP version 4.* or greater
MySQL Improved, MySQL, SQLite 2, PostgreSQL, SQLite 3
PHP XML Extensions
If WordPress uses those requirments then I think it is possible
That is the requirements for mybb on site ground

And also please try adding a maybe in the poll