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Full Version: Repeated Email Notifications
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Currently if a user has set up to receive email alerts for PMs, they will only receive 1 alert until they log in.

"Please note that you will not receive any further notifications of new messages until you visit..." is currently in the emails being sent.

The user's of my forum would like to receive an email PER PM they receive. I have been trying to play around and figure out what triggers this, but am running out of luck. Its not the receivepms, pmnotice or pmnotify columns on the mbb_users table... It's also not the unreadpms column, as I set this to 0 after receiving an initial email, and my test user doesn't receive a second email...

If someone could lend a hand that would be greatly appreciated Smile

Bump... surely a mod or someone can help... I'd really like assistance on what triggers the email to know whether to send or not......

Found it for anyone wondering,


search for "if($recipient['pmnotify'] == 1 && $recipient['lastactive'] > $lastpm['dateline'])"