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Full Version: Problem with Quick Reply
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When using the Quick Reply on my forum it does not refresh the page or remove the text from in the Quick Reply box which would indicate to the user that their reply has been posted.

If you're having trouble understand what I mean, I made a test account
User: Guest
Pw: guest123 , make a quick reply on any thread.

(This happens on the desktop theme, not the mobile theme)

I'm thinking maybe I accidentally removed a code from the showthread or quickreply template.
your forum should have clear back link to MyBB site at the footer. see support eligibility policy
My mistake. I'll fix that now.

Ok. Should be fixed.
Tried replacing quite a few templates using codes from the Default Theme. No luck. Anyone have any clue what's wrong?
Ok nvm solved it. I just had to remove a piece of code from the postbit template that I accidentally put earlier.