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Full Version: Border color for a user avatar based on its gender
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Hello, is there any way how to change color of the border around the profile avatar of user according to its gender? 

I use conditional plugin, and it works for me with images shown in postbit... but I wanna replace this image with border color of its avatar.

Thank you very much!

What about to use overlay? one image as a background and on this image put <div> element. Is there anyone who can help me with this css solution? I tried it according to but without success Sad
Hey...please try this:

Open theme template "postbit_avatar" and replace:
<div class="author_avatar"><a href="{$post['profilelink_plain']}"><img src="{$useravatar['image']}" alt="" {$useravatar['width_height']} /></a></div>

<div class="author_avatar"><a href="{$post['profilelink_plain']}"><img <if $post['fidX'] then>class="{$post['fidX']}_border"</if> src="{$useravatar['image']}" alt="" {$useravatar['width_height']} /></a></div>
Replace X in $post['fidX'] with the number of gender profile field. (default: 3)

Also add to theme global.css something like this:
.post .post_author div.author_avatar img.Male_border{
 border-color: blue;
.post .post_author div.author_avatar img.Female_border{
 border-color: pink;
.post .post_author div.author_avatar img.Undisclosed_border{
 border-color: gray;
.post .post_author div.author_avatar img.Other_border{
 border-color: green;
@SvePu - thank you very much for your reply and help. Unfortunately my webhost forced update to php7 so Template conditionals plugin is not working anymore Sad I am really disappointed and I am looking for a new version. I hope it will be out soon.

@SvePu - I tried it in my local host - works great, I just need to changed CSS to something like this:

.post .post_author div.author_avatar img.Male_border{
border: 2px solid #ccc;

Thank you very much!