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Full Version: half of language not showing right
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I have uploaded a Dutch language for the forum, but now the half show correct and the other halft shows in English. So my question is is there something go's wrong with uploading or reading the language or is the Dutch language not complete translated??

Thanks allot everyone!
No one?
most probably Dutch language pack is not completely translated. can we have your forum url ..
Yeah here u go
which part of it is English? Your forum is pretty much Dutch right now.
If u go in a topic u see allot of English
OMG terrible is the translation don, I need to fix more then the half for the translation... So If I have don translation the right way, I want to upload the compleet translation.

I now translate the language complete on the forum (ACP>>Configuration>>Languages>>Edit with English)
If I don this, how to upload or download the complete language for uploading here on Mybb forum???..

You can upload it here: Of course you'll have to respect the license of the pack you finished.
(2015-12-30, 06:57 PM)Destroy666 Wrote: [ -> ]You can upload it here: Of course you'll have to respect the license of the pack you finished.

Yeah thanks I know how to upload but the question is how to download ToungueToungue

I have edited the whole language on the mybb forum zelf (adminCP-->configiration-->languages-->edit with english)
Can I download the language files on my filemanger and put them in a ZIP and is this working for other people when the download it????? I have uploaded a Dutch language but this was not complete, now I have make this one complete.  Is it now downloading the files from my server, and works this then for everyone??

This is the first time I have made a translution of a language so I don't know how to download the updaded files.
Well yes, you need to copy all files used by the translation. So basically inc/languages/[lang].php and inc/languages/[lang]/[*]