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Full Version: Forum mail not working
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Hello friends

forum contact us and admin mail id is  ****

but activation mail are not working also if someone sends mail through contact us link mails not coming to my contact us mail id.

But if i change contact us mail id in admin panel as   [email protected] then it successfully receive contact mails.

Using php mail option in settings

Kindly help why my domain mail id not recieving mails but my personal gmail id is recieving?

My domain mail id is configured on gmail using gapps
(2015-12-28, 09:34 AM)Ben C Wrote: [ -> ]See this doc:

tried this and wen i enter my personal gmail id to check it works but when i enter [email protected] it doesnt work
at my side its totaly different iam able to connect it thorugh php mailer for my domain mail id but not for gmail
anyone have any solution?
Switch from PHP to SMTP.

Note! SMTP settings are needed!!!!!

If still not working then ask your hosting provider to check if your account is not blocked by some spam protection system!