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Full Version: Video not displaying
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I'm having an issue where vidoe's aren't displaying in posts.

I'm admin and am the only one effected by this no other admin is.

I have the setting ticked in my user settings to display videos.

I have tried un-ticking it this then displays a link to the video.

I'm running mybb 1.8.6
Board URL? What exactly is displayed for you? What's your list of plugins?
Oh sorry I forgot the link.

I'll to a thread with a video in it

All I get is a blank space where the video should be.

If I edit the post I can see the video.


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Do you mean the youtube video in the middle of the first post? I can see the player. Did you try to clear cache and cookies?
Has this started happening since you switched to https?
I can also see the vid. Show results of ACP -> Tools & Maintenance -> File Verification. Try temporarily disabling all plugins in ACP -> Configuration -> General Configuration.
Thanks guys.

It's now working after fixing it for HTTPS just seemed odd most members could see the videos but I couldn't.