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Full Version: invalid_style (?)
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Everytime i try to edit an user using my admin panel, after i saved, this error appear:

How can i solve?

Thank in advance

/mybb version: 1.8.6 (1806)\
Choose a valid style for that user.
which style?
(01-02-2016, 05:33 PM)brutal0day Wrote: [ -> ]which style?

The style that you use in your forum
its already setted.
What's your board URL and who's the user in question? Is their group allowed to use the theme you're selecting?
Please send a screenshot from the template selection part (for this user that you say you got error in editing his profile)
Only you have this problem for this user?

And also check that that template is accessible for that usergroup
All the users have got that problem..
i can't edit anything from admin panel (edit user profile)