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Full Version: Profile picture
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Hi, how can I remove this white frame in profile picture?

Thank you fo answer Smile
give your board url. i can help you.
You can play with variables with using Inspect elements on right click on browser.
Put cursor on part to modify and click on right of mouse and click on inspect variables/elements than you will see one box will open will show css file for that part. you can modify color, px and padding and you will see how it will look.

for your problem.
go to admin cp--> theme--> click on your theme --> click on global.css --> click on advance

replace code at 1137 line with below code
.post .post_author div.author_avatar img {
	padding: 0px;
	border: 1px solid #ddd;
	background: #fff;
Ok, thank you. It works but I have profile picture smaller then before. Can I make it bigger?
got to admin cp --> settngs--> profile options--> set avatar dimension of your choice and size of avatar so avatar will be resized automatically for all.