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Hi. So back in October, I signed up for I downloaded MyBB Forums for my gaming forums. Recently my CPU limit was reached. I upgraded to another hosting company. I got a new database and domain. All my files were transfered successfully. Now when I go to my new domain, "" It tells how to install MyBB. My hosting Company said to edit the Database with the information from 000webhost with the new information they provided me. I can;t find the database file for MyBB. Can anybody help me locate the file? 

So basically, your host is telling you that you need to sort the database information so that the site can connect to mysql. When I access it tells you that access is denied to the database using the password. You need to update the database information to the one that you created in cpanel (or whatever control panel you use). You can access this information in your ftp location: /inc/config.php
I didn't create the database. MY host did.
Did they send you the database username and password then? If not, you'll need to open a ticket and request it from them.
Yes, They did. They said if there are any edible files for the database replace it with that. I dont know where the edible files are. XD

I think thats my only problem. I need to replace the old database information with the new one I think but I dont know where it is.
Log into your FTP and navigate to /inc/config.php and you can edit it there.
Nevermind, Its not working anymore.

Why when i enter "" it goes to the installation page but that link to my index you put earlier works?
To be honest, I've never actually seen that page before. Do you have an index.html file in your forum root? (public_html)
Yes I do.
remove documentation folder and index.html file from the main folder (public_html)
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