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Full Version: Adding Adsense on Specific Forums Only?
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My forums is in English language but, but there are two folders that are on our local dialect and is not supported by Adsense. I don't want to put Adsense on these two folders while I want in the rest of the other folders. Is this possible? How?

This is my first post.
Thank you very much.
how are you adding adsense code & on which pages you have adsense ?
if it is manually by adding code into templates then you can use template conditionals plugin
(required guidance available there on the plugin's release thread)
I just installed and configured the forum and there is no adsense yet that's why I am asking if this is possible.
My board has 25 folders and I don't want Adsense to appear in two of these folders. Is this possible? Is there any way?
what is your board url & on which pages you want to show adsense ? have you already got adsense approval ?