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Full Version: add big images in forum post?
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How I add big images in forum post?

my form name:

Do you mean how do you embed an image directly onto the topic like this? Just an example image so I can understand what you mean

[Image: f57b8bfe8d969e4783ac76cbfdafcde5.png]
Exactly, you right
Okay so you need to go into the full editor which can be accessed by your 'New Reply' button or your preview post button in the quick reply box. Your full editor looks like this [Image: e760a583a5ca95788be8798770066716.png]

You need to find this icon [Image: 353358e75e940a78aa247b7ba28d66d9.png] click it and then you'll need to paste the link to the image into the pop up box that comes up Big Grin
Please check this
It needs to have .png or the image extension at the end of the link. I am not familiar with using prntscr so I recommend you try using 'Gyazo' which is another screen capture program but you can manually add the image extension at the end (.png)

Gyazo link:
It doesn't necessarily need to have an image extension at the end (it can be a .php script, link rewrite, etc.). However, it must be a direct link to an image. is not direct because it's wrapped with HTML, if you right click on the image in most modern browsers, there should be an option to copy the image URL, in this case
[Image: ofMDmHn.png]