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Full Version: AdminCP Not working
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So I installed mybb and I can access the admin panel ok but once I try to go to Settings or somewhere within the panel it ask for my login info again and when I click login it does nothing

I am using the latest version of Mybb
Yes, that would be because of pooched cookie settings. Not sure where the documentation has gone for them.
But how do I fix it
clear your browser cookies & cache , close browser, reopen it and try again !
if it doesn't help you may PM me your login credentials to forum & files (FTP)
here is another thing u could try re register on your site after u ate done registering again go to cpanel login launch php myadmin find the database name find mbb_users find the user name u just mad should be at bottom of mbb_user look for usergroups add admin user group number to usergroup in database next edit inc/config.php fin super user in the confi.php add your uid = 1 number in to supper users in the config should fix problem
just a head up mbb does not like the way i edit my site direcly from database
I tried a different browser and it worked, i cleared my cache and cookies on chrome but that didnt help
^ with your chrome browser visit this page on your forum , click on the cookies clearing link there
and close your browser (all tabs & windows). reopen your chrome browser and try again login to admin panel