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Full Version: User title - "Banned"
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Hello. One of my users has changed their user title to "Banned". The funny thing about it, is that all posts, that he has wrote are marked as the "removed" ones (banned ones). Is it bug at all, is there any known fix of such thing? Thank you for replies! Regards!
Simply change the banned group name!
Well. It's not a solution; in my opinion user title, and group title - they both should be other things.

What if I'll change the group name, and someone would set the new banned's group name in their user title again? Smile
by default, groups cannot be changed by registered users.
a user can have any custom user title - it doesn't affect forum posts.

have you checked whether the user is no longer interested in your forum & removed own posts ..

if you need checking it, you may PM me user details & temporary access to forum admin panel