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Full Version: Resubmit Form
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I haven't been too worried about it, but it's starting to get a little annoying now.

When sending a PM, I get a message saying that the site needs to resubmit the form. From there I can either say ok or cancel, either option continues to make the page try and resubmit the form... I suppose.

It doesn't mass send the messages, just constantly refreshes the "your message has been sent page". If I click on the link that says "click here if you don't want to wait" it gets out of that loop without a problem.

I've tried this with IE, Edge and Opera. Same stuff.

Any ideas, you attractive and talented people, you?
If you test on a different web hosting server do you still have the problem?
It's a known bug in Edge: but never heard/experienced it affecting any other browser.. IF it surely affects them, there's most likely a conflciting plugin - provide a list of them.