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Full Version: Active users only shows me or 2 people
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I recently noticed that my "Who's Online" on my site is glitched.

It will only show me, a guest or someone else that is online.

If there are more then atleast 5 people online then it won't show up. It will most of the time only show my name.

Why is that so? I have an automatic index updater if that's anything.

It looks at the past 60 minutes.

Screenshot of AdminCP/Configuration/Who's Online:
[Image: 9837b4bb52b30c60f6834ec7737070f8.png]

We have 3 users active right now but:
[Image: 01033e8873597dd49898fc8f5105c542.png]
(Website is still under development that's why we have not that many users)

Website is in signature.


[Image: 1c085121d9c1a9ca79c544cfb244450e.png]
2 devs online and me but it only shows 1 dev...

Our DDoS protections IP was showing up on all users. Reason why the who's online wasn't working.