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Full Version: Alert System for myBB 2.0
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I'm not really sure that someone already posted this but the just only thing compared to other forum softwares are that that myBB don't have a alert system. I know you can load that with plugins but nah...

So for myBB 2.0 I like to see a Alert System which message you when someone did a reply or a like or a new thread in a subscribed section. Big Grin

Also you should able to set which kind of system do you want:
- A alert icon which showes you the alerts.
- Just a message system which sends the user just a message.

(Just ideas)

Thank you,
(2016-01-09, 11:29 AM)Matslom Wrote: [ -> ]

Thank you! Mod: Can close thread!

Your suggestion has been marked as a duplicate suggestion. This may be because your suggestion has already been implemented or is already a planned feature.