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Full Version: Blue Wisdom ~ theme
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The link for this theme has been moved to another location
Click Here to view samples and download. Smile

Blue Wisdom theme

This is my very first attempt at creating a theme for MyBB users.

Nice pastel blue colors. A very simple, clean and efficient design with full-width forum pages that maximizes screen space and with percentage spacing makes this theme suitable for all monitor resolutions.
That's not too bad... Wink

When MyBB-RV theme becomes available on MyBB Mods, you are welcome to use the button_images and dot_images if you wish. They should suit that colour. Smile

That's if you are not planning on making your own.. Wink
Thanks Smile

A lot of the buttons for the Blue Wisdom theme are my own creations which was done in PhotoShop.

Because there are so many other buttons (forum icons buttons and toplink buttons which btw some of them appear to be generic) I will eventually create a complete set of my own style of buttons for all my themes. If you have a look at the thread/topic you'll see all those buttons are my creations done in PhotoShop Click Here

I also plan to do colour variations of the 'Wisdom' theme ei: Nature, Ruby, Dark and White.

Soon I'll have Blue Wisdom available for download so that other MyBB users can use my themes Smile
Great Stuff.... Wink Smile
Nice looking Theme! Thanks for sharing!!!
Looking good
Thanks Smile

I think the theme should be ready for use. Click Here to view samples and download.
Great job with the theme!

May I suggest that you zip up the XML file instead of just letting users copy and paste it from your website? That would make it easier for most users to download.
Thanks Smile

I'll look into that shortly! I'll have to somehow test it too to see that it works ok.
I'm going to redo all the buttons again. I want them smaller with nice sexy curves Toungue and I want to get rid of those 'Search' 'Member List' 'Calendar' and 'Help' icons because they aren't needed and without them the themes will have a cleaner appearance.

So far I've got 3 themes almost done:

- Blue Wisdom
- White Wisdom
- Nature 'Green' Wisdom

I'll be doing additional themes:

- Red Ruby Wisdom
- Magical Wisdom
- Blue Stars of Wisdom (slightly darker blue theme)

and that about wraps up the 'Wisdom' themes.

Then I'll be creating a new Web Page with all those themes nicely presented and ready to easily download, for free of course Smile

Here's a sneak preview of what my buttons will look like:

[Image: closed.gif]

Taken from the Nature 'Green' Wisdom theme.

Oh well! It's back to PhotoShop I go, I've got lots of buttons to make Toungue