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Full Version: SQL Database import on VPS
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Got my VPS all setup I just need help importing the database correctly. Everything is ran through SSH, I'd like someone to walk me through what exactly to do. CentOS VPS. If you can do this and are from the US I can give you a $20 dollar amazon card.
Well here is detailed instruction on how to import SQL by SSH command line.
and also here
(01-25-2016, 05:27 AM)Dark-Power-Invader Wrote: [ -> ]Well here is detailed instruction on how to import SQL by SSH command line.
and also here

OS: Ubuntu 12.04
How do I upload/get the file into the server though, I know the commands once it's there just not how to upload it.
try to uploading it somewhere else like file hosting services who supports direct file linking, if you can't find such then use filesquid but it is limited for only small files. then simple run wget **link of the file** it will save the file in to home directory. And also you can use any ftp software like vsftpd or pureftp to create ftp uses to upload files.
You can upload it using SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol) to your home directory or any other directory you have write access to.
Lol i forgot about SSH filetransfer protocol and i am using it from years. Big Grin Toungue sorry about that.
I am looking for some help in uploading/importing my SQL database. I have moved hosts and would like to upload the database but don't know how via SSH.
through ftp client use port 22 and protocol SFTP/SSH then login with your root login and upload the file.
Is it that easy? I know how to get into my SSH client, I'm just unsure how to add a SQL backup
Simple, use filezila and set SFTP in filezilla settings and login Smile
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