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Full Version: Forums not showing, and login shows admin
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I am getting some very strange errors that I have no idea how to handle.

[Image: IeCm5aw.png]

First is this, my account is called "Noot" and randomly it will show members and guests a panel that is basically mine. I don't believe they actually have access to anything but it is showing this instead of login/register or there own profile. It isn't something within the templates.

Second is the forums that I create take a while to show up for everyone, all the permissions are set correctly. Randomally they will appear, and disappear. Really annoying please help, or give me something to troubleshoot.
Seems like you may have fixed this issue, correct me if I'm wrong. Looks fine to me.
yup, looks good on me too.
My DDOS provider "Sucuri" caches the site so I thought that may have been the problem, so I flushed it's cache, and denied caching on index.php since that was the page people where getting this "error" on. This solved the forums not showing, weird false login, and the the so called "freeze" on the forum. Hopefully this errors doesn't show again, however I have set up an automatic scheduled cache flush daily just incase Smile