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Full Version: Is there a way to hide all messages of a user?
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Hi! I have got a problem on my forum... The thing is an user asked me if there was a way to hide ALL his posts on the forums. If there isn't he would like to have his account deleted plus the posts. But as a last resort, because this is temporary and he would like to come back and not start from scratch in a few months time. But we aren't going to lose a few posts. We are going to lose a lot if I delete the account! 

If he was the one creating the thread, would we also lose those threads + replies from members who replied or.. what could happen?

So I was wondering if there was a way to temporarly hide all his messages without losing anything, or if there is a way around it without losing his account?

Thank you!!
how many posts does he have ? you can search for user posts (eg.) and unapprove them through moderation tools
if he started a thread then all posts in that thread will be hidden from display.

note: unapproved posts will be visible to the Staff (having required privileges) only.
First of all, wow, such a quick reply! And second, I am sorry for posting in the wrong place. I wasn't sure which would be the right one.. Thank you for moving it to the right place!!

He has a lot of posts, +10,000. But if I can hide the messages temporarely, it's worth the shot. I will just hide the most important ones. 

I just really want to hide the posts from new registered users, with 0 messages. I banned the one bothering him but there are a lot of ways to register again. I just want the forum to be a safe place for everyone really.  Heart

Can you please tell me how to unapprove the messages through moderation tools?

Thank you!
go to member's profile -> total posts -> find all posts -> select your posts like this -> at the bottom of the page find "Inline Post Moderation" and select this option
THANK YOU both! Big Grin
Or you could run these queries:
UPDATE `mybb_posts` SET `visible` = '0' WHERE `uid` = '1';
UPDATE `mybb_threads` SET `visible` = '0' WHERE `uid` = '1';

Obviously you'll need to change the table name if you have a different prefix than "mybb_" and you will also have to change the uid.
Thank you!! How and where do I do that, though?
In PHPMyAdmin if you have that.
I do!! But I don't know how to do anything there. Just the basics.
(2016-01-28, 07:57 PM)Starlight Wrote: [ -> ]I do!! But I don't know how to do anything there. Just the basics.
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