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Full Version: define access level per user
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Is it possible to define which user can see this forum.
suppose i have a forum related to a customer and i want to customer can see only that forum. is it possible ?

yes, you can use groups permissions for the forums. see Forum Management
i'm not sure about defining permissions just for one user, but you can change user group permissions. what user group is your customer acc?

you can change user groups permission to see forum on admin cp -> Forum & Posts - > Forum Management -> edit the forum you want -> on bottom of the page you have "Forum permissions on 'Forum'" -> go to costumer's group and pick up "view" and change it to "disallowed actions"

edit: whoops, too late
As the others said, permissions are group based. Additionally, it is possible to have a forum where members can see their own threads (such as the private inquiries forum here).

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