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Full Version: how to set permission for new thread ( approve/unapprove) before shown
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I'm using My BB 1.8.6
how to set up permission/moderate for new thread only ??
i cannot find the setting menu in forum and post or else.

i cant set in the user setting , but it will moderate All post from user including replies ( print screen attached)

How to moderate only new thread before it visible in the forum ????

please help
my site is

thank you so much
Navigate to: ACP > Forums & Posts > Click your section/forum you want this to take affect in > Permissions

Once you're on this page, you want to Set Custom Permissions for the group of your choice, look under Moderation and you'll see what you're looking for. It gives you two options:
  • Moderate new posts?
  • Moderate new threads?
Thankyou so much for fast respons
it solve...

Whis all the best for My BB

with Best regards