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Full Version: Registration bug
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Hello guys, can someone tell me how to fix that bug ? : 

MyBB has experienced an internal SQL error and cannot continue.

SQL Error:
    2006 - MySQL server has gone away
    SELECT * FROM mybb_captcha WHERE imagehash = '119a082228f8c785a450d6f6cff82b72'

can we have your forum url ..
Quote:2006 - MySQL server has gone away
that is a problem with your web server. are you using a free web host ?
Sure you can :

Yes I'm using a free webhost, 000webhost. But this problem never appeared under 1.8.5 Sad
I think this is an issue with your host as .m. said. You should try contacting them and giving them the error message. We still recommend that you use a paid host. You may experience issues like this and more from using a free web host.
Well okay thanks, I'll tell 000webhost about that problem, but sorry I won't pay (I don't have money to spend for my guild Sad )

But, wait,  SELECT * FROM mybb_captcha WHERE imagehash = '119a082228f8c785a450d6f6cff82b72' this is a problem with a captcha, isn't it ? may I disable that feature (if it is possible, I don't know where I could do that) to make that issue dissapear? (my apologies for my english...)
I don't think you understand... You're on one of the worst hostings possible, so you'll get much more errors mentioning other queries, no matter how many features you'll try to disable.
As others said 000webhost is possibly the worst free webhost available. (Not to mention it was hacked
If you really need free hosting I'd recommend moving to or
If you're actually serious about the forum try to get a paid shared hosting plan. You can easily find them for less than $1-$2 per month for low tier plans.
The 2006 error suggests the MySQL Server has either fallen offline or just been rebooted.