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Full Version: Board Name HTML Script
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How can I add my HTML script for the board name (tab text).

I want it to scroll. I already have an script but I am not sure where to add it



var ScrollMsg= "PrankCalling | The Home of Prankcalls " 

var CharacterPosition=0;

function StartScrolling() { 


ScrollMsg.substring(0, CharacterPosition); 


if(CharacterPosition > ScrollMsg.length) CharacterPosition=0;

window.setTimeout("StartScrolling()",150); }


// -->


So instead of
[Image: b83a8ac0f9fbf0c3156a9f8fd6ec5c04.png]
I want
[Image: 5c2b0caedbbe7f39d5cc0e0f52e6b65f.gif]

I made it in HTML with a localhost website. I added it to my index.html but MyBB has index.php only

Please help.

(Website in Signature)
ACP > Templates & Style > Templates > Your Theme > Ungrouped Templates > headerinclude

Add in the script there and it'll work as expected.