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Full Version: Thead view count off
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Web server: Apache
MyBB 1.8.6
php 5.5.30
MySQLi 5.5.47
Location forum view

When on the forum view it seems thread view counts are starting at 3. This forum is new and I was making threads and once I click back to the forum view after making each thread the view count was 3. I confirmed there were no guest online at the time (again new install and new domain).
I doubt there's anything on our site we can do. The view count is incremented everytime the page is loaded so even things like reloading the page increase the counter. Without any further information I honestly doubt there's an issue on our site. Can someone from the devs can take a look and reject this if nothing obvious is found?
Check the structure of your mybb_threads table, specifically the views column. The default value for the column should be 0.
Cannot reproduce this error, any more information?