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Full Version: Default Settings in Changing Users Group dialogue
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I have the feeling, that this can cause massive security issues when editing "wrong" users:
I am setting up a new community which features many group for tagging purposes. When I am changing people groups I encountered that every time a user is changed, the dialogue is set back to Admin as main group. The additional groups vanished as well. 

I am using this dialogue: AdminCP --> Users & Groups --> Users --> <Search User> --> <Mark Checkbox on User> --> <Drop down box on bottom right> Change Users' Usergroup --> Go

Every time only one user is edited at any time! 

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system clearly warns about it
Quote:By choosing the options below, you will be overwriting the selected users' primary / additional / display usergroup.
And yes, it would be useful to have information of the current usergroups of the user
(2016-02-01, 02:57 AM).m. Wrote: [ -> ]And yes, it would be useful to have information of the current usergroups of the user

Where can I send in a change request about this behavior?
into MyBB 1.8 -> bug report -> describe your issue + possible fix

If you have a fix, push it to GitHub
While I agree that this can be confusing I'm not sure whether there's something we can do here. Even displaying the current groups can be hard (extreme example: 100 different users in 100 different primary usergroups). However the Admin group probably isn't the best default option, setting the registered group as selected would probably be better. Any other opinion on this?
Just change the default option from admin to registered for example