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Full Version: MyBB Forum Display Issue
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So I have a MyBB forum. Recently someone made a thread in the wrong forum and I wanted to move it. I selected it and on the bottom where it says Go(number) it still said Go(0).

Why can I not select a thread?

Thank you  Confused
what is your forum url & which theme you are using ?
can you post here your headerinclude template?
(2016-02-02, 03:41 AM).m. Wrote: [ -> ]what is your forum url & which theme you are using ?

Forum url:
Theme: Skyline

(2016-02-02, 03:43 AM)Blackbeard Wrote: [ -> ]can you post here your headerinclude template?

Wait what do you mean?
referred forum does not meet our support eligibility policy.

I can just give a clue. if you are using MyBB version 1.8.x then you have to use its compatible theme

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The MyBB Group offers support under the conditions of our Support Eligibility policy. It is apparent that one or more of your forums do not meet the conditions of our policy and therefore you are ineligible for support. This could be because of adult, piracy or hacking related content or because your forum does not display the minimum “Powered by MyBB” notice.

If you have any questions regarding this policy please post in the Private Inquiries forum.

The MyBB Group.