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Full Version: ACP Login OK but View Forum not logged in
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Hi Guys,

I have been working through a migration and an upgrade and both worked fine.  I have been editing the CSS and look and feel and this has also been working fine.  The whole time I have been logged in to ACP as Admin and switching my browser between ACP and Forum views and been able to see both without problem.

Then 5 minutes ago I was in ACP and updated the Admin User to add an Avatar (which worked) but now am unable to view the Forum as it has me logged out. 

When I use the form at the top of the page to log in again it says 'You are logged in as ...' - so it looks like I am successfully logging in but when it refreshes I am logged out.

I have checked my cookie settings and my domain is showing as is the name of the forum slug correct, I have deleted cookies a hundred times on FF, Chrome, Safari but still no luck.

Any ideas?
what is your forum url ? .au/mybb - I dont want a link back to the site as it's a dev domain but if you take out the space the address will work.

Running latest MYBB (downloaded and installed clean yesterday) and upgraded from 1.6.0
you can try using as cookie domain (no dot prefix)
and / as cookie path . there should be no need of cookie prefix ..
and users might need clearing cookies of their browser (link available at
OK, I dont know what I have done but now I am unable to log in to ACP or the forum, it simply keeps refreshing the page

I used phpMyadmin to set the cookie domain as (no dot prefix) and also the cookie path to /

I am now unable to log in to ACP or to Forum - they just keep refreshing. I also used the link above to clear cookies and received the success message but it didnt change anything

OK I cleared the cahce of the browser completely and all history etc, then restarted it and now I can log in to ACP again

Still not logging me in to the Forum though
^ would you like to PM me temporary access to forum admin panel & files (FTP) to check the issue
Thanks m, PM sent