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Full Version: Remove "Thread" from all thread url
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I just install Mybb version 1.8.6

Is it Possible to remove "Thread"(as shown in below url) from all thread url's?

I search this community but not able to find how. Need help Immediately

Thanks in advance

Google SEO is already Installed.

As written In "Thread URL scheme" Section of "Google SEO" plugin
[Enter the Thread URL scheme. By default this is Thread-{url}. Please note that if you change this, you will also need to add a new rewrite rule in your .htaccess file. Leave empty to disable Google SEO URLs for Threads.]

So What rewrite rule i need to change in .htaccess file?
All right then its not possible to remove "Thread"

Thanks for your time
^ it is possible to some extent
Quote:You can change those prefixes to something else as long as you keep some kind of unique prefix,
for example t-{url} instead of Thread-{url}