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Full Version: If usergroup doesn't allow custom titles, display message instead
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Under a group's permission, you can set whether or not they can set a custom user title. That's awesome.

If they can, they will see this nice box;

[Image: l85JUIv8EwP81pw.png]


If they can NOT set a custom user title, they will see nothing there. The box will simply not be there. Is there a way to leave the box there but replace the text areas with a message such as "You must be in __ group to set a custom title. Click here to join that group." or something along those lines?

if a user do not have permission to change the usertitle, then the "usercp_profile_customtitle" template will not be called and that entire part of the page will be hidden to them.. this part of usercp.php controls it:

you can either fill in the message you want there for $customtitle or create a new template and call it there...
Thank you. Smile