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Full Version: Invisible replies for registered users
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Hi all.

Today i noticed 1 thin on my forum ( - you can check this)
When registered users creating threads, they cant see others replys. This happens on groups "Registered users"

I cant understand why?

Threads options shows that thare are 3 replies
On thread (under this) shows Latest replies and by who

[Image: x4bLuQT.png]
[Image: oiCMZbf.png]
[Image: 9eLvrVS.png]
Make sure "Can only view own threads?" is unchecked in the forum permissions.
You have to change your threadview mode to 'linear' and you have to change the Usenet Style Thread View (its probably enabled/set to yes on your board - set it to 'No')
I did, no changes
could you login as a member of Registered group, and goto User CP >> Edit Options >> Thread View Options >> Thread View Mode and check what mode is set there...
yes fixed, did default