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Full Version: [How to] Limit new usergroups permissions
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When I make a new user group (for example, a new course), every dang forum's permissions are changed to allow that group to see it. 

What am I doing wrong when I make the groups? How do I make a new group have zero permissions until I add them to a specific forum?

Many thanks!

Never mind--I found it. I have to copy permissions from a group that has none when I make the new group. 

Apologies for the distraction  Blush
when you create a new usergroup, just use the option "Copy Permissions From..." and select the desire group that you want to copy their permissions (e.g. Registered or if you want to start with zero permissions select the banned group)
Registered is perfect, thank you.

Banned doesn't work as well, as then you have to un-ban people (who needs an extra step?)
(I had already edited the Registered group so it can't see anything ; )