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Full Version: Make a new Tab.
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I have asked for a lot support. I'm not really good at this. 

But I was wondering how could I add a new tab to my forums? Like a store tab. I need to put 
a store tab on my forums but I really dont know how to do so. I know I have to go into templates and I have to change some coding. Where do I put the coding and What is the code to put a new Tab on my forums.

My Forums:

Pic of my Forums:

Cheers  Big Grin
you mean at the header after "Help"?
Yes. That is what I mean.
you should find that on header templates. something like "<ul class="menu top_links">"
I have renamed the help tab to Store. How can I redirect the page to a store that displays items?
Is that even possible?
It should indeed be possible. Simply change

<a href="{$mybb->settings['bburl']}/misc.php?action=help"><img src="images/JAMPS-Black-Blue-By-XEDE/varios/ayudajamps1.png" alt="Help JAMPS" /> Store</a>

<a href="{$mybb->settings['bburl']}/storepage.php"><img src="images/JAMPS-Black-Blue-By-XEDE/varios/ayudajamps1.png" alt="Store" /> Store</a>
Just make sure to change "storepage.php" into whatever the page for your store is.
What do you mean change "storepage.php" into whatever page is for my store?

I changed that but this is what comes up.

^ what is the link to your store ? you have to use that instead of storepage.php
@Garden was assuming that you already have made your store page. you don't have your store page created yet right?
No I do not.
How do I Make a store Page?
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