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Full Version: Post reply issue
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So I just upgraded to 1.8.6 and I've found that when replying to a post it doesnt come up with the usual code in the reply box that we're all used to. It looks like this:


farmdudes post has none of the quote code around it and unless I type my response way down in the bottom of the reply box it puts my response in his original quote box when i hit post reply. Any help on this? Thanks

So I noticed I'm getting this error when inspecting:

provide a test user account so that someone can check it
sent you a pm.
have you used sceditor as a plugin with earlier version of MyBB ? if so disable & uninstall it.

run file verification tool available at tools & maintenance section of admin panel to find missing / changed files.
ignore files reported from install folder & its subfolders. Also ignore reported images.
you have to replace reported files from MyBB source files pack of your forum's version.

(if you are using Google SEO plugin then do not replace ~/inc/functions.php file)
I have no active plugins on this install.

It says congrats, no corrupt files were found.

I wonder if this is a theme problem. i got this theme from mybb theme section and then customized some. its the "myred" theme. supposed to be 1.8 compatible.
at the theme properties scroll down for editor style & change it .. check if it solves referred issue
I tried changing that to several other styles. Still the same.
^ editor at your forum worked for me ! (browser -> firefox)
Changing it to what style? It doesnt work for me using chrome or edge.
^ users can't change the editor style.
anyway, if you can PM me temporary admin account before GMT 1800 then I can check it quickly before signing off for today.
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