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Full Version: Beginning of my forum
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Hey there, I decided to attempt the creation of my first forum and to be honest this is not going really well until now.
I wanted to ask for a person to help me step by step, maybe via skype / teamviewer but I am not so sure that someone would help a stranger without any profit, so I'll just make questions in here Big Grin

As you can see at the first screenshot, my URL link is chicagorp bla bla..

[Image: Gbwh4GL.png]

But when I am trying to change the URL link, like this:

[Image: UvMVfg9.png]

the URL links is not changing and remains the same; what do I have to do in order to change it?
you cannot change URLs like that.
contact your web host's support and ask if they can change the sub-domain

note: icyboards hosted forums support should be sought at icyboards support forum
Well thanks for the quite response, but I can't click on the link you posted because:
^ oh, earlier given link is corrected now (icyboards support forum)
So, how exactly do I contact them in order to change the URL link of my forum?
you can use support system there & send your request or register on their forum & post that you want to use a different sub-domain