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Full Version: Difference: "Awaiting Activation" group and "Registered"
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What is the difference between user who belongs to "Awaiting Activation" group and "Registered"? Only this group? Or maybe something else (except group change) happens during user's activation? Thus, if I change (via plugin/or directly in DB) manually user's group "Awaiting Activation" -> "Registered" everything will be fine.

Take a look at awaitingactivation table. Or simply just at the activation process:
As far as I know when 'activating' a user it simply changes the usergroup value for the UID. If you wanted to write a plugin for this you would need to update the value in the usergroup column to the registered GID.
If you opened the link above, you'd see it's not enough and you may end up with some bugs (e.g. inability to change Email) if that's the only thing you do.