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Full Version: Unable to login despite resetting password
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I am an administrator of the forums I am posting about. The issue began last night, when I changed my password I was asked to log back in so I tried that and it kept saying 'you have provided an incorrect email/password combination'. Even though I KNOW that the passwords put in is correct it still is saying that I'm using the wrong password. I am totally dumbfounded as to why it keeps saying this and would love any support I could get.

I am not the first person on my forums to encounter this problem. Even when I manually reset a password it still doesn't work and comes up with the same 'incorrect password' phrase.

Please help
When you reset it manually, you need to reset salt as well. Use the query from:
This has been an ongoing problem and I am totally stumped as to how to fix this.

Everytime a user logs out on my forums they are unable to log back into their account no matter what they do, they reset their password, I've even manually tried to reset the password and it still states that you've entered an incorrectly password when you try to log on with your correct/updated password. This is getting very frustrating and now I have logged out and am now not able to log back onto my forums.
please do not post multiple threads for the same issue.

have you modified any files / have you recently added any plugins ?

assuming that you have a legit forum (see support eligibility policy),
and if you can wait for few hours then you may PM me temporary access to your forum admin panel & files (ftp) to check