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Full Version: Enabling "put the editor in source mode by default" changes avatar layout
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I just noticed that checking "put the editor in source mode by default" in the usercp causes that users post layout to change from the avatar and stats from being above the posts to moving everything to the left side of the post. So it changes it from horizontal to classic post layout. unchecking the option in usercp doesn't revert it back to horizontal layout. I can confirm this happening on two different accounts. In board settings, post layout is still set to horizontal. can I get some assistance with this? Thanks
copy the postbit_classic template into your postbit template. that way it should be uniform.

Another option is a plugin i saw floating around here that forces your users to use a classic/horizontal based on an admin setting
There is already an option in acp to set all to horizontal and its set to that. Everything was fine until i checked that editor in source mode option in usercp. Im not sure why checking that would put my post layout from horizontal to classic and then not allow me to change it back. Has to be some glitch but I seem to have little problems popping up with my board.
user control panel also has an option related to postbit layout.
you can revert all user control panel related templates to their original status
and check the available options there (eg.)
Thank you .m. The "display posts in classic mode" option was indeed absent until I went and reverted some of usercp templates back to original status. All is well now.