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Full Version: Collapse and expand glitched?
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I hover over expand and collapse and it's at the top of the screen, it pushes the entire forum down by one character kinda feels like an earthquake when you do it over and over.

Once I close a collapserĀ on the UserCP it will not expand again. I will provide code needed to solve this issue. Thank you.

This also occurs on the forums "Mark as Read" and "This Forum Contains No New Posts"
what's your forum URL? if you made changes to index & userCP templates, please provide them here.
I'm using a theme. I cannot disclose the forum I am sorry.

[Image: 4ZBWoie.png]

Changes I have personally made are minimal and shouldn't impact this error.

It's something to do with javascript ajax... however I have not much knowledge when it comes to web development so I was wondering if anyone could provide me with any theories as to why this error is occurring.

Solved. Close if required. Appreciate the support.