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Full Version: write next to image
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Is it possible to write next to the image? Which code I should be using?  

Like this :

***********  texttextexttexttexttextexttexttexttextexttext
*                  *  texttextexttext
*                  *  texttextexttexttexttextexttext
*    IMAGE    *  texttextexttexttexttextexttexttexttextexttext
*                  *  texttextexttext
*                  *  texttextexttexttexttextexttext
***********  texttextext

(2010-02-19, 11:20 PM)Scoutie44 Wrote: [ -> ]Regular Expression;

<span style="float: $1;">$2</span>

Is this method safe to use html-wise?
for the regular expression you can use \[float=(left|right)\](.*?)\[/float\] (little better than above)

edit: see also this post
Thank you.
Hi !

I am trying to do the same thing but am new to coding as well as myBB !

Have managed to create a MyCode , titled WrapText with Regular expression as :


and Replacement as :

<span style="float: $1;">$2</span>

What do I  do next ?

For example, say I want to put an image at URL :

in a post at my forum, and have text wrapped around this image.

A step wise reply would be very highly appreciated. Thanks much in advance !
^ that float MyCode can be used with 2 options - left & right
text content will be wrapped depending on the image size & text content

[float=left]image code[/float]

[float=right]image code[/float]