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Full Version: problem resizing posts/threads column on index page
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I have added a right sidebar to my index page so the main forum listings are now narrower.  In doing so I noticed that the width of the posts & threads count columns seems to be hardcoded at 85px as changing the theme does not make a difference.  This value is much larger than needed and results in the forum name/description column being unnecessarily narrow.  I have searched throughout the site to try and find where it is being set and have found a probable candidate in mybb_theme.xml however changing that does not seem to have made any difference.  Is that file being used to fill some other (cached?) location which then controls the formatting?  If so, how do I go about making the change?

MyBB revision 1.8
URL of index page
MyBB uses template system accompanied with required style rules through css style sheets

see templates system & CSS

and suggestion given at this thread (post #2) should also help your requirement