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Full Version: post problem ||help me
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hello everybody,:skrotch:
can you help me guys how to make post like this in my forum ? maybe this image can help you ::
i wont elite image here i want the post style:cakeyplz:

[Image: 78mSICA.png]

can anyone help me
ok thanks. Heart

the plugin didnt work in my bb version

(02-21-2016, 10:41 AM).m. Wrote: [ -> ]see replies here

plugins didnt work in mybb version
^ have you changed compatibility line in the plugin file ? see related guidance here
ok its worked now thanks but how to edit the post i dont know setting name in settings?
^ plugin doesn't has separate settings.

admin panel >> configuration (settings) >> Show Thread Options >> Post Layout
--> Display posts using the classic layout --> select yes & save settings
ok thanks a lot man . i am sorry because i am newbie Smile  Heart Heart