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Full Version: Not able to login. Using SquareTheme
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Hi All,

I am using Square theme. I made some changes in my vars_envy.lang.php file to change message in file.

I made changes in following underlined text.

$l['xstyled_aboutus'] = "About us";
$l['xstyled_aboutfirst'] = "A Platform for HR Professionals to share"; /* 39 Characters maximum. */
$l['xstyled_aboutsecond'] = "Every member can ask HR related queries"; /* 39 Characters maximum. */
$l['xstyled_aboutthird'] = "We assure timely reply to your queries"; /* 39 Characters maximum. */
$l['xstyled_aboutfourth'] = "We have experienced members to help"; /* 39 Characters maximum. */
$l['xstyled_aboutfifth'] = "You can like our FB page and twitter"; /* 39 Characters maximum. */
$l['xstyled_navigation'] = "Navigation";
$l['xstyled_index'] = "Index";
$l['xstyled_search'] = "Search";
$l['xstyled_members'] = "Members";
$l['xstyled_calendar'] = "Calendar";
$l['xstyled_help'] = "Help";
$l['xstyled_quicklinks'] = "Quick links";
$l['xstyled_threads'] = "Threads";
$l['xstyled_posts'] = "Posts";
$l['xstyled_moderators'] = "Moderators:";
$l['xstyled_newthread'] = "New thread";
$l['xstyled_startedby'] = "Started by:";
$l['xstyled_replies'] = "Replies";
$l['xstyled_views'] = "Views";
$l['xstyled_golastpost'] = "Go to the last post";
$l['xstyled_userbrowsing'] = "Browsing:";
$l['xstyled_logo'] = "Square";
$l['xstyled_loginat'] = "Login at";
$l['xstyled_loginfirstphrase'] = "This forum is designed for professional from HR and other fields to come together to ask and share HR queries and answers"; /* 135 Characters máximum. */
$l['xstyled_loginsecondphrase'] = "We are determine to look into each and every query"; 
$l['xstyled_loginthirdphrase'] = "What are you waiting for. Join us now"; /* 102 Characters máximum.*/
$l['xstyled_welcomephrase'] = "Welcome,";
$l['xstyled_usercp'] = "User CP";
$l['xstyled_friendlist'] = "View friend list";
$l['xstyled_changeavatar'] = "Change avatar";
$l['xstyled_changesignature'] = "Change signature";
$l['xstyled_pms'] = "Private messages";
$l['xstyled_logout'] = "Log out";
$l['xstyled_admincp'] = "Administration CP";
$l['xstyled_modcp'] = "Moderation CP";
$l['xstyled_latestactivity'] = "Latest Activity";
$l['xstyled_usersonline'] = "Users online:";
$l['xstyled_hidesidebar'] = "Hide sidebar";
$l['xstyled_showsidebar'] = "Show sidebar";
$l['xstyled_deletepm'] = "Delete PM";
$l['xstyled_edit'] = "Edit";
$l['xstyled_forwardpm'] = "Forward PM";
$l['xstyled_multiquote'] = "Multiquote";
$l['xstyled_purgespammer'] = "Purge Spammer";
$l['xstyled_delete'] = "Delete";

After making these changes while logging in, I see following error page and I come back on home page without logging in.


Please help: