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Full Version: This website uses cookies
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I see some websites got this alert in index page.

What is the point of it?
What kind of advantages it have?
It's a result of EU laws (EU-based websites or targeting EU-based users) on information and consent regarding storing data on users' computers.
Oh, thank you.
Hello community,
I would like to ask one more question: Is this cookie notice compulsory or voluntary?
Its is required if your site falls into specific characteristics.

The simplest way to decide it is required for your site? Simply ask yourself: Does my site intentionally targets or should European citizens be expected to be reasonably a target of my site unintentionally? If you are sure this is the case or are confused this “might” be the case, then don’t bother on overthinking and just add it globally in your site. Or, my site is targeting only my national citizens intentionally and my country isn’t part of the European union? Then you“might” be good ignoring it.

Last time I read about this topic the idea of the EU enforcing this out of the European nations was laughable, so you might be lucky of not being part of the EU on this one. Huh
re Omar G.
Thank you for this clear explanation!

I am now thinking about why does not have a cookie message ... I would still be interested Lightbulb
^ MyBB project is based from a different continent - doesn't feel necessity of European Union Cookie Law.