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Full Version: external login from website
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Hi, I have recently made a website that has its own login and registration system. I would really like to keep this. When a user logs in via the website login I want it to also log them into the forum. I don't want to have two separate log in screens.How would you do this? Are there any plugins or anything? I've had a good look around and information seems to be thin. I have seen that you can use the forum to log you into the website but this is not what I want, that seems like the tail wagging the dog to me. 

Thanks for your time and help

From looking around I have found this: and it mentions forging a cookie. I think this could be a good solution. Is it still valid in 2016? What I have in mind is to set a cookie with the username and password when the user logs in to the website. They can only see and access the forum link if they are logged in. I would hide the login and register buttons on the forum. When the user is then logged in, when they click on the forum link they should be logged in. Does this sound link a valid solution? Total noob, so any help or advice would be most appreciated.