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Full Version: Random people
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I have a website by the name of "" and there seems to be random accounts that seem to be generated by a computer and around 30 register on my website, then they none stop spam the website with some sort of product that looks like this:

Is there anyways of making it where computer-generated accounts cannot do this?
These are referred to as "spam bots", it's an autonomic program that finds sites based off of keywords or software their running and it tries to create accounts, and spam about random products. There are quite a few different plugins that will help fight off spam bots, I can't remember any off the top of my head at the moment.

But you can use extra steps such as "Security Questions" which is a built in feature MyBB offers, where members will have to fill out certain questions when signing up on your site. You can find this setting at <-- replace "" with your actual domain.