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Full Version: Renamed domain, can't log in, how to set up new domain ?
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I've just changed domain moment ago. From to . Now, i can access to but can't access any actions else.

Help me !!  Huh
first change board url & cookie settings in ~/inc/settings.php file and then at Site Details of forum admin panel (Configuration Settings)

more details =>
How to access admin cp ? use old domain or new domain ?
Can i change infomation in setting.php file  by manual ?
settings.php file should be changed manually (better to use file editor at the web host control panel)
and after editing settings.php file you should be able to access new domain admin panel to change Site Details

Quote:board url =>
cookie domain => (note : there is a dot at the beginning)
cookie path => /
I did it.  Angel

Thank you.